I am SO excite!!! I am happy to say my first week at my job went very well. I was assigned 4 pieces to write, and although there’s a whole new process I had to learn for it, I figured it out (mostly) and am happy to say I am officially paid to write. I am a bit scared and nervous and really feel like I don’t know what I am doing, but I think that is all normal. Whatever, I’m being paid. I will have actual money at the end of the month and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So, I’m not swimming in it yet, and will not see any movie deals soon, but there are really cool projects I will be a part of in the future and can’t wait to talk more about what we’re up to! I apologize for the lack of material here. It’s a whirlwind lately. I am of course having to make my “job” job a real priority, not complaining. But I am also trying to launch a few other personal projects.

Social Media and Content Marketing are a couple of skills I have learned this past year and I am starting to feel like I am honing them in to a point I can make it a profitable endeavor for myself. The dream job? No. But, I certainly enjoy doing it. Funny, it kind of hit me suddenly to really make a push for this as I was sluggishly filling out an 8-step process for an application to Target (and nothing against them, it’s corporate, I know), but I was boring myself to tears and realized that these sort of applications (a necessary evil) don’t allow any room for a person to share their story. And I don’t care who you are – you have a story to share and it makes you valuable and it’s worth listening to! (So, some of us aren’t as great at storytelling) but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share yours!

I hesitantly clicked the little red “x” on my application window as I thought, “No. I am more than an 8-step process, and I can prove it.” Probably a dumb move, since the job is offering benefits and paid leave, but I couldn’t stand the fact I would be sending my application (not even resume) into a corporate office with dozens of other e-applications only to be lost in a sea of faceless applicants.

I know pursuing the entrepreneurial life is hard, and often below minimum wage at best, but for now, I have to try. I will be brave for the rest of 2014 and face 2015 with new confidence that I will continue to be brave. I will figure it out, I know I can. Target isn’t going anywhere anyway, so that little application window and I could very well meet again, but for today, I clicked my way through the “Are you sure you want to leave this page?”

Find your skills, use them, practice them, find someone to teach you to use them better – even better – learn new skills, be willing to make mistakes and sit through online tutorials and read forum after forum about how to be better. If you’re as lucky as me – 20-something, no spouse, no kids, no major responsibilities (ok, the school loan), but nothing tying you down to one spot – be brave too and explore new opportunities.

This post is clearly that “…” moment, since I am somewhat running on adrenaline, can’t keep my thoughts completely together, and am trying to figure out what is going to come next in life. For now, be excited about your life, regardless of what stage it’s in. Maybe you’re not a writer, or someone trying to get their “big break.” Maybe you’re plate is full of crazy life stuff that seems overwhelming, maybe you’re reading this from a library chair in the back corner of the building because you’re homeless, maybe you are a critic who has found about 30 different grammar and spelling errors and are laughing at me. And I don’t need to know who you are, because I know if you’re eyes are reading this, you have a story to tell. Whether you write it down, video it, draw it, record it on an old-school tape recorder, or simply tell it to the person sitting next to you – be brave today and tell your story because you never know who’ll listen and who’ll need to hear it.