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January 2015

A New Year Again

Happy Winnie The Pooh Day! Yes, apparently January 18 celebrates everyone’s favorite honey-lovin’ bear.

That has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Mainly, I came on here to be brief about my new year’s resolution – like many before me and after me – my only resolution is this: Be Intentional.

That’s it. Whatever I do, say, or write, be intentional about it. I feel like I waste my time because I am not intentionally thinking about it, I don’t realize how fast time blazes by and before I know it, we’re 18 days into January – what? Over half-way?

Even writing this, I am distracted, I struggle to focus. I keep slapping myself (metaphorically) with my own resolution “Be intentional, be intentional, BE intentional!”

I got this new motto for the year because of a sermon I heard, and it was about intentional worship, and now I’m applying it to everything I am doing – my words, my writing, my sleep, my eating, my free time – it’s actually allowed me more “free” time to do a few things I haven’t been able to get to you. I am not perfect at it, but I will cling to it for now as I push through a lot of uncertainty.

So am I planning to be intentional? What does that even mean to me?

For me, it’s about remembering priorities, remembering plans, remembering my dreams. Remembering ultimately, my life is not my own, that I gave that to the Lord  many years ago, and that his ways are higher than my ways, and all I need to be is obedient, and to be obedient, I have to purpose, I have to be intentional – to Love the Lord my God with all my heart.

Being intentional is a daily grind, but with a eternal goal, and as long as that goal is what drives my intentions, I think it will be a great 2015.


A shot of Internet on the rocks

Agree so much with the Caleb Hyles bit 😉


With the end of holiday season comes the end of my binge watching, Dota 2 addiction and stuffing my face with greasy food.  The quick page turning of bum days to regular days has drastically changed my awesome routine. Now I have to wear pants to do all that.

Getting out from a holiday comma, you might get disoriented how the society has moved on. You might want to check current events how people fared themselves with the annual hibernation.

While other people check the local paper and the news, I go to a more entertaining medium. You’d be surprise how you can find pressing matters on

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