I guess my boyfriend and I are pretty simple. And maybe some might call homebodies and boring, but to me, we’re pretty spectacular and perfect for each other (even if we are homebodies). I am not sure I could ask for a better match for me in this time of my life. Too many things lined up for me to believe that our relationship was a happy coincidence, instead, I’ve been grateful for the divine sovereignty that brought us together. Sound to “spiritual-y”? If you say so. But for me, I’ve been praying for God to send a friend like Main Man into my life, and He did. You catch that I said, “friend” not boyfriend? Because after my breakup of 4 years, I knew I just needed good friends, and having just one that would just be there was what I knew I needed. And after a random audition for a radio project I tried out for and a skype call with the cast, I met Main Man. 292718_630397806136_5182544_n

There’s not much more to the grand story of our friendship other than we clicked pretty quickly and haven’t stopped talking since. And while I had a crush on him from the start, it took Main Man two years to figure out that I was pretty awesome and asked me out.

And whether or not my Main Man and I will walk down the aisle together, I am forever humbled and thankful for our lives connecting.

Ultimately, while I am excited to have said we’ve made it one year, I am all the more excited to celebrate three years of friendship. From skype calls with groups of friends, to online co-op Halo time, we’ve built a unique sort of friendship that helped me through some harder years after my breakup with “Dylan“. Main Man and I had many discussions about my past and for the first time in my life, I found someone who I felt genuinely listened with an non-judgmental ear. There was never an ounce of pretension or pride when he gently coaxed me into bringing into the light a lot of the dark memories of my past. Especially after my breakup, I felt insecure and hid a lot of feelings and thoughts, and locked them away, determined to leave them buried in a deep dark hole forever. But Main Man came along and proved (and continues to do so) that truth really does set you free. I was able to be honest with him and he helped me dig up that lock box of broken pieces of my heart. It was painful and difficult (and sometimes still is) to relive parts of my past I thought were gone. But with each moment of honesty with myself and him, I feel the weight of each piece be lifted from me. I have gained new perspective that God revealed to me, but I believe Main Man was there to support and encourage me as I have allowed the truth to come out and Light to blast away the Darkness.

Two years of initial friendship built the foundation for this past year being a crux of my life that has helped me be even more honest with myself and with others. So, thank you Main Man for sticking by me even when the Darkness was too powerful and then praying me through it. And thank you, Lord for sending the support I needed for such a time as this in my life.

1150941_10202023444693024_609520512_nI guess I did say at the beginning that my boyfriend and I are simple, but we really aren’t. Our friendship was no accident and our relationship now is being strengthened by trials and sweetened by laughter and joy. Too sentimental? It’s not, it’s just true. And reflecting on this past year has allowed me to reflect on the last three, and with hind-sight always being 20/20, I can see how God’s protected me and led me to better understanding of myself and better understanding of His nature.

So, when you celebrate anniversaries, make it a time of reflection, enjoy the 20/20 vision of the last weeks, months, and years. And I hope you’re inclined to thank God for allowing you to see a glimpse of the story he’s weaving and you got to be a part of that.

Other than that, Main Man and I will enjoy the rest of the day as we usually do – laughing at nerdy humor, watching scary movies, probably hit up some Halo, and being grateful for the time we have.